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 EZScript updates (Easyscript)

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PostSubject: EZScript updates (Easyscript)   Thu Oct 02, 2008 5:42 pm

Current : V1.6.6c - Nothing really new, other than..choosable background (eaiser), and choosable text color.

V1.6.5b - New FEATURE : create you're own program!, also NO ERRORS WILL SHOW UP AT ALL! =) even tho, that might not be good but, it still stops errors ;]. Program builder will be sperate, you can use it with any version you want.

V1.6.4a - Fixed one more bug the bug where you have an error and can't do anything. >_>

- Fixed several bugs (the one where you type:  and many other bugs)

V1.6.2b - Added Skins (now you can edit/make you're own skin for the program!)

V1.6.1a - Changed the file save/load problem (now you have to type in the filename)

V1.6.0a - Release, so i don't really think theres to many bugs (lol i don't even know)
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EZScript updates (Easyscript)
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