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 ZOMGRPG COMING SOON **(Canceled.)**

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PostSubject: ZOMGRPG COMING SOON **(Canceled.)**   Thu Oct 02, 2008 5:55 pm

NOTE : This hasn't be released yet, release date : 11/11/08

Demo V0.3B
The Demo version only includes 3 characters and very limmted items, also only 1 world to roam, in the full version there will be 5 characters with 3 hidden characters. Plenty more items(more weapons,armor,charms,rings,shields [ALOT]) and will include over 8 worlds and 2 hidden worlds XD. +SKILLS (over 5 skills for each class), For right now, you cannot have any armor,shields,helms,rings and there is only 3 skills for each class (3), there WILL be alot more in the full version or if i release any more updates, also this has 5 charms to find!! (
This game was desgined by XSKULLS
Any other people who said they made this, lied >_<.
Go to :

Oh, yeah for the full version...

5 classes : (wizard,warrior,archer,barbarian,warlock) and 3 hidden characters (ninja,cleric,monk)
15 items for each class : (swords,axes,daggers,shields,spell books,staffs,rings,ammys,charms,bows,wands,armor,helms, and MUCH MUCH MORE!!!)
8 worlds : (8 worlds lol) + 2 hidden worlds
5-10 skills : for each class
Charms : you only get 5 charms in the demo version, but there will be over 30 diffrent ones in the full!

The full version is coming soon... (Maybe by december lol, probably next year.)
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