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 My Previously Abandonned Ideas

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PostSubject: My Previously Abandonned Ideas   Sat Oct 11, 2008 7:55 pm

I had two game ideas that I did not manage to create because I worked alone and did have enough man-power to do all the work. Just to note that I like to build on existing environments while still keeping originality by creating my own game plot. So here I'll just share the two previous ideas.

-= Amethyst Alchemist =-
This is a intentional and unofficial game based of the Japanese Anime Full Metal Alchemist but however will only incorporate the physics and environment but none of the actual characters. This is focused on an isolated world where alchemists are hard to find and the people of this area are terrorized by constant attacks by humonculi. You start out as an inexperience alchemist who is known at a young age to be gifted with transmutations but lack the raw knowledge of alchemy because there are no one to guide him. You start out as a noob with a single attack (a magic circle that creates a rock so you can throw it at people) and need to visit a larger town where an alchemist resided. By getting there, you gain some indepth knowledge of alchemy and also found out the alchemist went to another town to save its people from beasts but never returned. Then the story goes from there which I did not plan out.

The game could be either top-down or platform. Platform is easier in my opinion but top-down gives a opportunity for more flashy effects. The game is an rpg-action game where you use mainly magic to fight against opponents. Using the usual arrows keys or WASD but also your mouse which can cast various spells. Your character can have a spell book and select 10 spells at a time to be used in a journey or mission (hotkeys 0-9). A transmutation circle is something that can be casted either on yourself, enemy or environment to do certain things. I still have a large set of transmutation circles I drew for this before but no longer have the unfinished game because the engine didn't go very far.

Link to the Anime's main page:

-= Korpulu Defense =-
A turret defense game inspired by a flash game "Gem Craft" at I've always though turret defence was always the repetitive game where you build more and more stronger towers until the game is impossible to play and you die. However the game "Gem Craft" showed a lot of variation such as "gem bombing", swamps, gem-merging and a whole list of distinct upgrades to help you get through each level. I found it challenging but possible to beat all the levels (50 or so) which made me want to make my own.

However this is a change of theme where you are not in a fantasy-medival world with wizards and magical gems but in the sci-fi world also known as "StarCraft" (wheeee). You are defending a space orbital platform from another legion of forces that is trying to land on the planetary surface below. The gameplay is the typical map with squiggly paths and wave after waves of enemies try to get to the end while you try to build turrets around the paths to take them down before they get there. There are however a lot more added upon this idea where you have your own resource harvesting plant going on in the background which you also have to manage as well as researching and upgrading your buildings. Using just turrets however isn't enough to hold them back, you must also manually cast missiles (lockdown) that shuts down mechanical enemies temporarily, slow them down, disable their armoring and other things like dispatching a small force of actual troops to assist your turrets. There are specially designated enemies mixed in their forces that come to destroy your turrets instead. The enemy may also use seige and begin building their own turrets to assault you defensively.

What is an even more unique is that you can also play as the opposite side and assault the defenders! Starcraft-wise, this game will scarsely use existing units like bunkers and photon cannons but more original designs with our own sprites. However the Ion Cannon is a must for the uber ass-kicking-gun that costs $100000000 to buy that every game has Very Happy

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PostSubject: cool.   Tue Oct 21, 2008 3:39 pm

that's pretty cool
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My Previously Abandonned Ideas
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